How to Set Up and Use Apple Pay on Apple Watch

For people who don’t prefer to carry cash, Apple Watch could be a perfect payment device. Most of the Apple Watch users use it to stay fit, but it can also be used to make payments quickly. After connecting an Apple Watch to an iPhone, its user doesn’t need to carry its iPhone anywhere because Apple Watch can do so many things including quick text response, alarm, receive calls, Apple Pay, and many more things. So, if anyone is looking to set up and willing to use Apple Pay on Apple Watch, here’s the guide for them.

Set Up Apple Pay on Apple Watch

  • First, launch the Watch application on the iPhone.
  • Enter My Watch section.
  • Click Wallet & Apple Pay.
  • Click Add Card.
  • Press Continue.
  • If the card details have been added already into the device, then users will have to type the card’s security number to add it to the Apple Watch.
  • Read the Term and Conditions and press Continue to move further.
  • Now the bank server will take some time to verify the details to set up the details for Apple Pay.
  • To verify the details users will receive a verification code through text message.
  • Enter the code to finish the process.
  • After adding the card to the Apple Watch successfully, users will see a card successfully added confirmation under the Payment Cards On Your Watch.

How to Use Apple Pay on Apple Watch

Once the cards are successfully added to Apple Watch, here’s how to use them:

  • To make a payment through Apple Pay, double-tap the right-side button.
  • A default card tab will open.
  • Place the Apple Watch close to the contactless reader.
  • Enter PIN to make payment.
  • If multiple cards are added in Apple Pay, then users will have to swipe right or left to change the card.

How to Check Transaction History

  • Launch Watch app on iPhone.
  • Move into the My Watch section and click on Wallet & Apple Pay.
  • Press the card icon to check its transaction history.
  • If the Transaction History is not activated, users will not be able to see the last transactions, so make sure to keep it active.

By following the above-mentioned steps, users can set up Apple Pay on Apple Watch, use Apple Pay on Apple Watch, and check the transaction that has been made using Apple Pay through Apple Watch. The steps of all three procedures are pretty simple. However, the major thing every user must remember is to keep their iPhone and Apple Watch OS update. Make sure the OS and apps are running over the latest version.


Currently, a lot of digital payment options are available and Apple Pay is one of them. Apple Pay was released in 2014, but in the last few years, the number of Apple Pay users has increased a lot. Apple Pay is totally safe but can be used at those stores and places where its service is available.



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